Bible Fellowship Center of Grand Island NY
Bible Fellowship Center

1136 Baseline Road
Grand Island NY 14072

Pastor: Rev. Calvin VanderMey

Worship Music

Meditation By Thais

The Anchor Holds

What a friend we have in Jesus

I Am Not Alone


Thy Will Be Done


Come To Jesus

The Treasure of Jesus

We Bless Your Name

God's Kid's

Worthy Is The Lamb

Worship Music by Nathan Wolfe

Our Great God
Great I Am
Where I Belong
You Won't Relent
Christ Is Risen
How He Loves ( originally by John Mark McMillian )
One Thing Remains
Prodigal Son
Revelation Song

Special Music from Bob Jones University Musicians

Special Music 2

Special Music 3

Special Music 4

Special Music 5

Special Music 6

Meditation Music

Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

Song 4

Song 5

Song 6

Song 7

Song 9

Song 10

Song 11

Song 13

Song 14

Song 15

Song 16

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